Meaco Junior 8 Litre Dehumidifier DD8LJ - FREE 3 Year Warranty

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Meaco Junior 8 Litre Dehumidifier DD8LJ - FREE 3 Year Warranty (DD8LJUNIOR)

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  • Quick Facts

    Application: Small Flats / Appartment
    Type: Dessicant
    Extraction Rate: 8 Litres
    Tank Capacity: 2 Litres
    Filter: Yes
    Weight: 6.4 Kg
    Dimensions: W351mm, H500mm

    Meaco Junior 8 Litre Dehumidifier

    It is exactly the same as the Meaco 8 Litre Dehumdifier (DD8L) apart from no ioniser and no silver nano coating on the filter.
    The Meaco DD8L Junior dehumidifier is small, light and quiet. It is exceptionally economical to run (using 80 per cent less energy than a traditional dehumidifier) and a best seller from UK-based manufacturers, Meaco. 
 is delighted to offer this unit with a free three year warranty - giving you an additional two year’s peace of mind compared to the standard one year warranty.
    The unit is ideal for use in large flats/houses with up to 4 or 5 bedrooms. Owners of boats, caravans, holiday homes and garages also love this unit because they appreciate it’s low running costs, portability, and fire safety-features.
    In fact, Land Rover Word said that the Meaco DD8L "is a brilliant piece of kit", while Motor Boat Monthly said that it is a "perfect on board dehumidifier".
    As a dessicant dehumidifier, it is also suitable for use in conservatories where temperatures can drop overnight and during winter days. Dessicant dehumidifiers also warm the air, a great bonus if you live in a chilly house, or to save on heating bills.
    The Meaco DD8L Junior is light enough to be carried to a clothes horse where it will offer a more economical solution than a tumble drier for drying laundry, even delicate items like lingerie and jumpers.
    The unit has a humidistat so that you can set - and monitor - your desired humidity level and also an integrated hose - meaning that  it can either be plumed for continuous drainage or have the tank emptied manually.
    The Junior is an identical specification to the DD8L - except the air treatment facility, ioniser and the PET (Polyesthylene terephthalate fibre) filter are removed, which reduces the price of the unit. 
    We therefore recommend this unit if you, or your family do not have allergies. (If you do, or you would like the additional benefit of superior air filtration, then the DD8L may be a better option).
    Key Facts:
    Perfect for: Small Apartments/Homes, boats, caravans,
    holiday homes, conservatories and garages
    Humidistat: No
    Noise: 39-48 dB(A)
    Bacterial Filters: No 

    Editors Say

    “A bestseller, and we see why. The DD8L Junior is smart, cheap to run and does everything well. Beloved of flat owners and perfect for boats, garages and holiday homes.”

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    • 8 Litres per day extraction rate
    • Electronic humidistat
    • Hose included for continuous drainage option
    • Timer for use up to 8 hours
    • Auto restart function
    • Dust filter included
    • 39-48dBA depending on the running mode
    • Standard British power supply
    • 0-650W depending on the running mode
    • 1-40°C Operating temperature
    • 2L tank capacity
    • Height: 500mm x Width: 351mm x Depth: 188mm
    • 6.4Kgs
    • Dessicant Unit

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